Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Office: Exterior Edition

I've written a couple of posts about the building I work in: one about the bricks and stone, and one about the beams. This one is about the exterior; I'll probably do one more, about the interior, and call it good.

So here it is from the front. It's a lovely big old hulk of a thing.

I have no idea why it needs this kind of reinforcement, but I like the shiplike quality of the riveted steel plates. They're only on the street-facing sides of the foundation, so perhaps they're decorative.

Delightful stacked brickwork that creates a flared topline.

Around the side, the remnants of a painted sign. And no steel plates.

A modern light fixture that somehow looks right.

This faded sign tells the building's story: it started life as a paper warehouse.

Here's a close-up; St. Louis is riddled with signs like these.

More flared brickwork.

I love that the gate posts echo the building's brickwork.

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